Update Membership Details

Membership Updates

CMR Memberships, for both Household and Business membership, are updated by CMR staff every year on or before the anniversary month of the original membership.

It is obviously very important that the information CMR holds on file is up-to-date – so members are urged to make any changes when they occur and to notify CMR of such changes as soon as possible.

Membership rates change each year in the anniversary month.

Changes to member’s information can be made at any time by:

  • Emailing changes to lisa@cmr-med.co.za
  • Posting information to P.O. Box 37758, Valyland 7975
  • Visiting CMR’s offices at 106 Kommetjie Road, Fish Hoek, and handing such changes to the Receptionist.

CMR Members who require:

  • CMR Telephone sticker/s
  • CMR Vehicle sticker/s
  • New membership card/s
  • Or any other membership information;

Should please contact CMR during office hours 021 782-0606 or email lisa@cmr-med.co.za to arrange for such item/s to be posted to them, or for them to be collected by the member at CMR’s offices.


About Medical Emergencies

It is a fact that most life-threatening medical emergencies occur mostly while people are either at home or close to home. Common medical emergencies include the following:

  • heart attacks
  • strokes
  • vehicle and other road accidents
  • boating accidents
  • choking/asphyxiation
  • poisoning
  • allergic reactions
  • drowning
  • gas inhalation
  • accidents around the home (falling, etc)
  • accidents involving tools and equipment (power tools, cutters, etc).

It is also an established medical fact that the chances of a patient surviving and completely recovering from an “emergency medical situation” are greatly influenced by early and professional medical attention  and transportation to a hospital within the “The Golden Hour”

In most emergency situations, the “urgency” is considerably reduced as soon as the patient has been stabilized.

Because CMR is a “dedicated” medical emergency service (providing medical assistance only within a defined geographic area) as opposed to a “general” medical emergency or rescue service that covers a large or undefined area, our average response times can remain quick and well within international norms.


When to Call CMR

  • Any respiratory distress (difficulty breathing)
  • Any decrease in level of consciousness
  • Seizures (fits)
  • Choking
  • Electric Shock
  • Broken bones/dislocations
  • Any major casualty (falls, etc.)
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Severe bleeding
  • Sudden onset of severe pain (chest, abdomen, etc.)
  • Gunshot/knife wounds
  • Serious assault
  • Rape
  • Accidental or intentional poisoning
  • Neck/spinal injuries
  • Near drowning
  • Stroke
  • Poisonous bites (snakes, spiders, etc.)


When to call your family Doctor

The family Doctor plays a vital role in all aspects of your on-going health and medical treatment and CMR will always endeavour to contact your Doctor in any medical emergency.  Having said this, please note that there are certain “medical calls” that do not constitute an emergency and should be dealt with directly by your Doctor. These include chronic and/or ongoing medical conditions such as earache, colds, flu, vomiting, diarrhoea, bladder infections, etc.

How to call CMR

The emergency number to dial is 082 782-4444. This number will be answered at all times by an on-duty medical professional.

CMR Paramedics carry cell phones and pagers with them at all times, and our paramedic and ambulance on-duty staff are all linked via trunking radio and cellphones.

If for any reason the line to the first on-duty paramedic is busy, the call will automatically go through a series of relays to other on-duty medical staff. In the unlikely event of all our on-duty staff being busy, the call will go through to a paging system.  Should this happen, please request that they page Cape Medical Response and leave your name, telephone number, incident address and whether or not the situation is urgent. Either way, the paging message will be relayed immediately, and the duty paramedic will return the call as soon as they are able.