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CMR Life Line

CMR Life-Line Button

The CMRLifeLine pendant is a small, water-proof, wearable panic-button (47 x 34mm) that can be used by CMR members to contact and speak to the CMR Call Centre in the event of any medical emergency anywhere where Vodacom cellular signal is available.

It’s reliable, easy to use and robust, and has only one button to send an emergency signal to CMR or to activate the unit.

This award winning South African product can be worn on a lanyard or keyring. The Button is ideal for people who live alone, and those that exercise or spend time outdoors or in remote areas. It’s ICASA approved, and it works independently of any other device.

The purchase price is R1500 incl VAT, and a monthly Network Provider Fee of R50 incl VAT is added to CMR member’s monthly fees. There is no ongoing contract.



When the emergency button is pressed and held for three seconds, a signal will be received by CMR’s 24/7 Call Centre, and the pendant will make a loud beep to confirm that a signal has been sent.

The CMR Emergency Dispatcher can then find all the member’s details on CMR’s database, including the member’s contact details, home address, emergency contacts, etc. The estimated GPS co-ordinates of the unit are also sent in case the button-holder is not at home.

After receiving an emergency signal, the Emergency Dispatcher will first call the member via the pendant to establish the nature of the emergency. CMR paramedics will be dispatched if an emergency is confirmed by the member, or if no further contact can be made and the emergency contacts can’t confirm that the member doesn’t need assistance.

Whenever the emergency button is activated, an SMS is also automatically sent by the unit to the selected emergency or family contacts.

The battery will last for one to three days and the unit will “beep” when the battery needs charging. An SMS will also be sent when the battery is low. The unit carries a one-year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

To obtain a CMRLifeLine pendant, or for more info, please contact CMR on 021 782 0606, or Mark on 082 851 7645, email mark@cmr-med.co.za.