First-Aid Kits

We offer an attractive range of First Aid kits for businesses, homes, schools and crèches, restaurants, sports events, churches, vehicles, boats, and more.

All First Aid Kits comply with the requirements of the General Safety regulations of the Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1993. According to this Act, First Aid Kits should be accessible for the treatment of injured persons at all times, and all stock should be replaced when used, and should be checked monthly and inspected regularly for minimum contents and expiry dates.

Every Kit supplied by CMR has a replenishment stock sheet inside, and the completed stock sheet can be faxed to CMR on 021 782-0707.  Replenishment stock can be collected from CMR’s offices, or even delivered if arrangements have been made. Please note that there may be a nominal delivery charge.

Special CMR First Aid kits include:


Plastic Box: 285 x 300 x 100mm

To View The Contents of this Kit – Download .pdf

  • OFFICES & SHOPS (up to 15 Staff)  –   R510

Lockable Plastic Box: 450 x 250 x 225mm

To View The Contents of this Kit – Download .pdf


To View The Contents of this Kit – Download .pdf


  • CAR & CAMPING KIT  –  R420

Nylon Bag: 270 x 350 x 100mm

To View The Contents of this Kit – Download .pdf


We also provide custom and specialized first-aid kits for camping, river rafting, sailing, remote area access, etc. We can also restock your existing first-aid kit.

For orders, prices or more info, please call Lisa on 021 782-0606 or email