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As a member of CMR you automatically become a member of CMR MyCard. You’ll receive a credit-card sized plastic card that is both a personal identification card and your passport to discounts at a wide number of business and attractions in the Far South area via our MyCard Programme Partners.

Our latest Programme Partner list.


What are the benefits of carrying my CMR MyCard?

There are two primary benefits:

Firstly, your personal and medical info becomes available to CMR paramedics if needed.  How? On the back of the card, together with your name and membership number, is your personal QR code. Paramedics can scan this QR code with a Smart Phone and access medical information such as your blood group, allergies, medication, family Doctor, etc, as well as important details such as your Next of Kin and other contacts. In the event of a medical emergency, this info can save a lot of time and stress.

Secondly, being a member of CMR MyCard allows you discounts when you purchase goods or services at a number of Far South businesses and attractions.

How is the QR Code info captured, changed and accessed?

When a member signs up, their personal and medical information is either provided online, or recorded on a written application form. This information CMR then puts onto the CMR database, and it can be updated by you at any time. CMR also sends you an annual “Membership Update” to remind you to alter any details that may have changed in the previous year. The CMR MyCard webmaster updates all current info onto a web-based database every month, and this information is then available to CMR paramedics in the field by use of a password.

How do we find what discounts we can get via Programme Partners?

You can simply download the latest Programme Partner List as a PDF (see above) – or you can pop into CMR’s offices during office hours and collect a print-out. Programme Partners also display a decal in their premises that they are a CMR MyCard Programme Partner – so you’ll be reminded that you can get a discount when you visit the outlet concerned.

Why do Far South outlets give CMR My Card members discounts?

Collectively, CMR’s membership represents a significant number of Far South people. Most importantly, they represent prime target market customers for Far South traders: residents who live and work within close proximity of the outlets. This is a customer group that Programme Partners would like to retain and reward!

What type of discounts do Programme Partners give CMR MyCard members?

Firstly, all discounts are given directly to the CMR MyCard member by the Programme Partner. There are no “vouchers” or “points” – just a direct discount on goods or services. Unlike some “loyalty programmes”, CMR does not benefit at all from any purchases the member makes – all the discount goes to the member concerned.

All discounts are given directly to our CMR MyCard members by our Programme Partners. There are no confusing “vouchers” or “points” – but a direct discount on goods or services at point of purchase. Unlike other “loyalty programmes”, CMR does not benefit at all from any purchases you make, and all the benefits go directly to you.